Jubilee People

Jubilee People

From November 2015 to November 2016 ROAM is working on the project JUBILEE PEOPLE

Our studio is located in the heart of Rome, few steps away from the Vatican, on the main route for all pilgrims, tourists, onlookers and souvenirs sellers who gravitate around St. Peter’s square – even for one day only – during this extraordinary year of the Jubilee.

The scan of a simple souvenir postcard, depicting St. Peter’s dome under an electric blue sky, is the backdrop for a very special photographic set: St. Peter’s dome and its famous colonnade as we all wish to enjoy, in a sunny day and with no one around, few steps away from the real one, daily assaulted by hordes of tourists and maybe whipped by the rain.
The pilgrims, taken off the human flow of the religious tourism, find themselves isolated from the background noise of the street in the silence of the Studio. Here, on stage, they can feel “misplaced and displaced” in a space which transcends the physical dimension and become imaginary world influenced by their own feelings.
So, just before entering Saint Peter’s square, young seminarians, cheerful nuns and priests, souvenir sellers and families coming from all over the world stop by the Studio to have their portrait taken.
All together each individual represents the backbone of the religious tourism and a niche market from which the city of Rome could profit.


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